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    jules says:

    BWAAAAHAAAAHAAAhaaahaaa….deep breath….BWAAHAAAHAAAHAAAhaaahaaha!
    OMG….heeeheeheehee…haahaahaahaahaa…heehee..hmmm. Ok, that is pretty funny.

    …yah, I’m never gonna get in now.
    (soooo worth it).

    Chris Howard says:

    Well, that, that’s a different approach.

    Victoria at school again says:

    O.O The last panel was the best!

    jules says:

    2nd panel is my favourite. I am still laughing!

    Me too. I love imagining Chris Butcher having to deal with TCAF-rejected wannabe Ninja cartoonists on the daily.
    “…not AGAIN.”

    Adam says:

    He actually looks like he’s going to enjoy wasabi nostrils. If he survives, you should make out with him. Clearly a match made in the heavens. 😛

    Happily married to Andrew.
    *match made in orientation hell*

    Alice Quinn says:

    Lezley you kill me girl!!!!!
    when anyone as funny as you says “stop laughing” it is guaranteed to make me bust a gut!

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