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    Becka K says:

    Ooooh family…at least you get the “it’s nice” comments. Even better that Bif loves it of course!

    At the moment, a few family members are horrified that my characters swear in my comic. And sometimes, I’ll get this bit of a lecture, “Be careful, you have to think about what people will think of you!”. Weirdness.

    HA! HA! “What people think of you…” …aaahhhhh… siiigh. Bullshit. My mom’s at the ‘roll her eyes and throw her hands in the air, what can you do phase’. Personally, I think she’s proud that I speak and act as freely as I do.

    I am unshushable.
    (She’ll probably never admit it though. I can see her lips making a tight little pursed line, right now).

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