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    tessar says:

    can’t look to others for validation. if you believe in something, make it happen. 😉 you’re doing awesome.

    You’re special, I’m glad I know you.

    Adam says:

    Yes, it is relevant.

    Often times, I will refrain from commenting on someone’s work (or article or video blog or whatever) if I am afraid that my words will seem hollow beside the assumed throngs of people that are chirping up to say, “Great job,” or “Loved it,” or whatnot.

    As Tessar said, you have to do for you, and if someone else likes what you have done, points to you. If not, you had fun with the creative process and therefore it is relevant to you.

    Often, making comics is like sending messages from a solitary vacuum. Interaction is welcomed.
    Thank you.

    Jhosephine says:

    draw for yourself, draw to let it out 😀 if people like it and feel connected to your world, that`s an extra bonus of finding out similar minded pals. 🙂

    jules says:

    Comment monger!
    I believe you said it best a while ago: “Screw second-guessing my instincts”
    I love the first panel especially, but how did you get the angle & detail of the top of your head so well? Who did you conscript as a model, or did you make your self dizzy sneaking peaks with a variety of well angled mirrors?

    I learned that angle from drawing myself giving Inkstud a bj. I used mirrors…
    (only in the drawing – not in the bj-ing).

    Victoria says:

    i read every comic but don’t always comment… some times there is no need to comment.

    kim says:

    Hey you,
    Shit man – I now the exact feeling – “no one cares, not sure if I even care, why bother it doesn’t matter” Its not a fun space to be in, but the good news is its your “place” you go to before a profound shift of a happy nature. Just be in it, fully then the shift happens. ha the shit preceeds the shift !!!

    I love your email addy: itsjustetheric@themoment. haha!!
    <3 you, sweetness. It'll come. You watched me wait and struggle to find my path... yours is becoming.

    TheDragonGirl says:

    I am reading through the archives now(and loving the heck out of your work) and I just wanted to say that this exact thing is why I ended up dropping out of making webcomics some many years ago.

    Thanks for commenting – you keep me feeling connected and keep me making webcomics.

    EleanorMagpie says:

    Very relevant!! I, too, am reading my way through the archives and enjoying your work very much. It’s good to be able to relate to (and care about) the lives of others beyond our personal circles. I feel that’s one of art’s most important functions.

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