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Douche Bag!

Artist Myth #2: Society Owes Artists a Living. Some artists feel that their contributions to society and culture merit more financial support.

I bought my house about 8 years ago.

If it’s taught me any lessons, I’ve learned that I am NOT handy (building Ikea furniture does not a handy-person make), and I’m not much of a gardener.

However, the more I got my hands dirty, the more I made connections between gardening and running a business.

Internet trolls suck. I get a little rage-y and vent my feels.

I know how you feel. I thought it was crazy too… …but the more I thought about it – the more sense it made. The more sense it made – the more it became just one less thing I gotta worry about. Hear me out. It’s not complete list-lessness… just mostly. Our lists are a […]

Hello and welcome to Art A&A number 22. Today I’m going to talk about being brave and why your art is so f***ing important. This is a subject that motivates me the most in the world. This is essentially the core of what I think is most important in life this is what I think […]

You can access all the comics here by clicking on the links. Unfortunately, I haven’t created navigation for all of it yet… so, it’s not ideal. But, it’s workable. Enjoy!     Want your own copy? Physical books available for purchase from Tictail.     Peeling Onions     Peeling Onions Autobio Comic by Lezley […]

So, I’ve been a total putz at posting anything regarding the last couple shows that I attended or exhibited at and I’m going to remedy that over the next couple weeks… hopefully to your delight – but who knows. Canzine rocked my socks off and I can’t even express how much I love that show. […]

Fail Quickly. Fail Often. Just make a big god awful mess and get it over with. Go ahead and ruin 3 sheets of paper in a row with horrible slicks of mud and back wash that make cat sick look gallery worthy. Waste a half tube of yellow ochre making baby shit brown in an […]