There is a foul stench around here… and it’s the smelly pile of puke that a bigger email list is a better email list.

Smells like bullshit.

Bigger does not mean better – unless…

Pi pie
pauladamsmith / Foter / CC BY

…we’re talking bigger pieces of pumpkin pie. …What?

What were YOU thinking?

Everyone wants to grow their email list – of course you do. A bigger list means a bigger pool to fish from when you’d like to sell your stuff.

But what if you only had a list of 300, and that 300 bought everything you ever made, every time?

That’s a pretty great list.

That’s list livelihood.

That’s better than a list of 5000 with a 5% conversion rate.

Subscriber Activity trumps numbers every time.

No one’s paying you to get your numbers up.

Torn & Cut One Dollar Note Floating Away in Small $ Pieces
photosteve101 / Foter / CC BY

Actually, the more numbers you have on your list, the more you’ll have to (eventually) pay for them. So why pay to send mail to people that aren’t opening your emails or engaging in your business anyway?

They’re just taking up space that could be filled with someone who’s actually into your biz – and is more likely to buy your stuff.

Last night I unsubscribed 50 people from my list.

This isn’t even the first time, and I’m pretty far from having a giant list.

What the f*ck am I doing?

Cleaning out the under-performers.
Who needs someone who hasn’t opened my emails in 6 months?

Begone, foul stench.

Who knows why they subscribed in the first place – maybe they just wanted the free stuff, maybe my emails are going straight into the junk folder, maybe they mean to read them later… but never get around to it.

Whatever the reason, they’re not engaged with my business – so out they go.

Some numbers count more than others.

marcomagrini / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND

My business and list continues to grow much faster than the rate I’m trimming the deadwood.

My list rating, open and click rates are rising exponentially as a result of focusing on the committed members of the community and cutting loose the ambivalent.

You don’t necessarily need a big list to have a successful business.

You need a committed list that buys.

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