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Your Art is F*cking Important.


Helping Artists Since 1998

At The Artist as Entrepreneur, we offer solutions for artists. We’re here to supply you with the  entire toolbox for your success:


  • Support in your creative practice
  • Tools to promote and market your artwork to the public
  • Art techniques, tips and demos through blog posts and videos
  • Spicy hot best practices for marketing your artwork online

I believe the artists & creatives in life help us evolve and become better as a species. Watch the video to hear all about how important YOU are to our evolution. (I almost cry and a bug flies in my face in this video… just saying.)

How What I Do Helps You

15 years at Curry’s Art Store

I’ve been solving art and marketing questions from artists every day for years:

  • Providing solutions to all manner of technique / supply / process questions in all manners of mediums – it’s staggering the amount of info I know about art supplies and what you can do with them.
  • All of that information is available to you through tips and techniques,  investigations and experimentation in The Art Lab. (The Art Lab is a category on the blog. Yay! – Free valuable art information!!).


  • Solving promotional and marketing problems for artists who don’t know how to get started sharing their art with the public and increase attention around their creative works.
  • Best practices for creatives are a regular part of the The Artist as Entrepreneur toolbox. I’m passionate about all things online promotional; blogs, social network, email lists, launching, connecting with your audience… all of this will get posted in The Marketing Lab. (Another category on the blog – yay!)

  • Check out the sidebar for The Marketing Lab Foundations – a free 7 part mini course designed to get you thinking about the genius at the heart of your business!


  • Offering artists and creatives the support and understanding needed. Making art is an activity that requires you to reveal deep and vulnerable parts of yourself and then share it with the world. I KNOW how difficult that process can be and how important it is to be supported in your creative pursuits.
  • I make it a priority to include regular motivational and inspirational posts to encourage you on your creative path. You are not alone. We understand. We’re here to help.
  • Check out the sidebar for “I Wish Someone Had Told Me – 18 Ways to Grow a Pair” – a free motivational eBook designed to get you feeling better about your art path.

I’ve been a Store Manager since 2002.

I’m artistic, organized AND strategic. I’ve spent 15 years managing stock, staff, instructors, classes and situations. I can help you get yourself organized and create systems so that the pieces of your art business don’t go falling through the cracks.

My day job is spent with artists, 8 hours a day… and the benefit of that is that they are artists of all different genres, levels of success, niche markets and promotional avenues.

I’ve been given the opportunity to work with and talk intimately and at length to gallery artists, fine and graphic artists, cartoonists, animators, advertisers, architects… artists from all fields ~ who all need different promotional and marketing plans to be successful.

I can help.

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More Stuff That I Do That Helps You:

 Acrylic, Watercolour & Clay Instructor since 1992

  • I’ve taught children and adults through the Toronto District School Board, Parks & Rec, Scarborough Art in the Country and for the last 7 years at Curry’s Art Store in Markham.
  • All of my teaching experience is now dedicated to providing the best tips, techniques and demos for The Art Lab. It’s all for you baby. All for you.

An Active Artist Since 1979

I’ve been actively in classes or making art since I was 6 years old. Drawing and Watercolour are my primary mediums, however I’ve painted a considerable amount in acrylic and have been working with clay for decades. Working on cartoons for the past 4 years has made ink and brush work one of my favourite ways to create line. *love*

  • paintings shown in the Scarborough Civic Centre and Beaux-Arts Brampton.
  • successfully published 3 years of Autobio Webcomics online
  • self-published 3 volumes of Peeling Onions Autobio Comics
  • showed comics work in Toronto, New York City, Chicago and Maryland at shows like FanExpo, MoCCA Festival, Wizard World and SPX
  • You can see a bunch of my stuff at the Visual Archive.

…but here’s my secret:

I’ve never really considered myself an artist.

Nope. Not really. I mean I am, but it’s not where I do my best work.

My art – specifically my cartoons is the way I can connect and tell stories and illustrate my personality. My best work, my joy and heart and soul is when I’m helping YOU become successful in YOUR creative path.

I’m at my best when I’m helping you uncover your unique creative voice. I’m at my best when we’re working together to craft your unique message to the world. This is the stuff that really gets me excited and fulfilled. This is my passion.


Uncover the Brilliance at the Heart of Your Business to Attract Attention, Connect to Buyers & Sell Your Stuff!


The internet and the possibilities offered with online promotion are AMAZING PANTS. The world has become a GLOBAL market for anyone willing to invest their time learning the new technologies.

I’m at my best and shiny brightest when I’m working with you to develop an online business strategy:

  • brand, brand image, brand message
  • unique creative voice and perspective
  • unique selling position
  • online promotional strategy – list building, networking, affiliates, social media, website & blog…
  • creating a unified message all based upon your art – the joy and value at the HEART of your business

This is where I shine – by helping you shine.  My business is about your success. I believe in you getting your art and your unique message out to the people. Let’s work together to make that happen.

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Join the newsletter & get instant access to all the videos, downloads, ebooks and resources in the Library!

Old Peeling Onions, the Webcomic:

Peeling Onions WAS an auto-bio webcomic. You can start at the beginning - here*
OR, if you want to begin when it actually started being good, well, the story was good…
or at least more interesting, start here*.
The art is still pretty dodgy. Actually, the art doesn’t really get solid until here*.

You can browse all the comics through the Comic Archive in the sidebar – enjoy!