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Your being here matters.


Lighting Fires Since 1992.

Hi. You’re here because you know you came here to do work that matters.

You probably have a pretty good idea about what you want to be doing. It’s probably something that’s in the creative realm – and almost certainly requires you to be an entrepreneur.


You’re in the right place.

You want to work a Soul First biz.

You want to live Soul First.

You’re a light worker, healer, artist, leader, paradigm-shifter, thinker or world TOTALLYDOABLEteacher… and you’ve just realized that it’s time to start doing this work and not just thinking about how “one day” you’ll do something with it.

You are meant to make real in this life the image you hold of the highest joy and service you can give to this world – especially when it makes you deliriously happy to do it.

You came here to live and work Soul First.

Your contribution is valuable and needed.

I believe the healers, artists, creatives, leaders & world teachers in life help us evolve and become better as a species.

Watch the video to hear all about how important YOU are to our evolution. (I almost cry and a bug flies in my face in this video… just saying.)

Any Business can be Soul First

Until very recently, I worked primarily with artists… until I had the breakthrough that “Soul First” was powerful and beneficial for more than just artists. My gifts are for anyone building an entrepreneurial business from a creative &/or spiritual source.

There is a unique chasm that creatives and light workers need to bridge in order to be successful. It’s taking the ethereal vision of the ‘could be’ and grounding it into earth and anchoring the vision into ever present reality and the necessities required to manifest physical changes.

This isn’t easy work. It requires a commitment and focus and diligence not required in most other fields of work.

This is not the easy path.

But the rewards are great for those that are willing to believe in their quiet voices and commit to your sacred work.

Yes, of course your work is sacred work.

You have genius to share with the world.

How I can help

I’ve been on a spiritual healing path for over 20 years.

Since 1992 I’ve studied in the Eastern tradition of the chakra energy-body system and alchemical transformation. I’ve practiced quantum energy healing therapies in my own life and business with life-changing results.

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Getting stuck in business and life is simply forgetting to stay connected to the energies that are driving the fire and passion of your message.

Clearing off your “genius” gems and getting out of the way and allowing them to flow their powerful energies in your life and biz the way they’re supposed to will result in massive synchronistic “happenings” that propel your biz into the next revolution of success.

Speaking plainly – your genius is your Higher self. The Divine self. The Universal self. THAT part has all the answers you will ever need. It is the part of you that will know exactly what to do with your biz to take it to the next level.

OUR job, is to get the fuck out of the way and do what we’re told. (hahaha! No. Seriously. :P)

A student of myth & meaning

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There are infinity ways to access truth and resonance.

For the past 22 years, I’ve been a student of tarot and the study of symbolism, myth and meaning as taught by the master Joseph Campbell.

Thou art that.

A fractal holographic model of the universe opens the door to connect deeply to your truth and light a fire of passion and purpose that will transform your life and create a ripple of change all over the world.

Screen Shot 2013-09-09 at 11.15.07 PM

Connecting powerfully to your source seed will fundamentally change how you broadcast your message and will fundamentally change how people respond.

The more truthful and authentic we can speak about our gifts and offerings – the more resonate the connection, the more powerful the draw on those people who are perfectly suited to our gifts and message.

Connect to your Source & shine.

Believe in your gifts – they are yours for a reason.

Start today living the life you want in whatever way you can manage, right now. You’ve already succeeded.

Trust is built over time and exposure. I have to earn your trust to work with you so closely in an area of your life that can be so vulnerable – but has the ability to be so profoundly empowering.

You are meant to be here and do this work. You are not here by accident.