“What do you really want to do?”


WallPlantsAboutI’ve been asking that question to friends and strangers since I was a teenager.

We spend so much of our time working – shouldn’t it be something we enjoy? Shouldn’t it be something that we believe in, that we’re willing to put in the work for?

The reason I do what I do in my biz is pretty well summed up in this post here. I assume you probably connect to the message too – or else you’d be on someone else’s “about” page right now.

I believe the healers, artists, creatives, leaders & world teachers in life help us evolve and become better as a species.

Watch the video to hear all about how important YOU are to our evolution. (I almost cry and a bug flies in my face in this video… just saying.)


At heart – I’m a teacher.

I teach creatives* how to build better businesses.

It’s a great joy to give an entrepreneur the power to do for themselves. Especially when it means giving you the ability and the means to build a thriving business based upon your creativity.

Learning is empowerment. I help you do the work you believe in the most.

Now, you know.

*”Creatives” doesn’t mean only artists, illustrators, jewellers, and artisans… I also work with fitness instructors, dog walkers, coaches and more… LezleyDavidson.com is where creatives – of all kinds, learn to business.

My training

It’s fascinating to look back at my life and see how all the twists and turns were there for a reason – to train me in the exact set of skills I need to have in order to do the work I love to do while I’m here.
It never stops feeling a little bit magical.

Curry’s Artists’ Materials – 17 yrs.

Sales Associate, Store Manager, Education Sales Rep & Creative Arts Advocate

Curry’s is one of the most popular retailers of artists’ materials in Ontario and has been in the business of serving artists since 1911.

  • trained, scheduled and managed a staff of 10 employees
  • ordered, inventoried, displayed & marketed product sold in a 3000 sq. ft store and increased sales over 5x during my time at the store. Grew the list at our location from 100 to 6800 subscribers in 14 months.
  • created an art school on location and was responsible for all hiring, programming, marketing materials and promotion and payroll of the art classes – grew the list from 0 to 3000 subscribers in 2 years.
  • created a series of art education support videos to promote our products in the education market. Exhibited, taught and promoted products at art education conferences like the EEE and the OAEA – grew the list from 0 to over 200 subscribers in less than 6 months.


How this helps you:

My years of running a business selling products has taught me how to identify strengths and build systems and processes to untangle the mess of juggling all aspects of your solopreneur business.

What I do well is build business foundations that work for you, based on your strengths and capabilities.

I can teach you to build strong foundations that will grow with you and ensure that you have processes in place that will grow your audience, your reach and your sales.

I do not offer a quick fix or instant results.

I don’t believe that’s very realistic. I care about you building a business that reflects who you really are and what is most meaningful about what you do.


Atelier America – 4 years

Marketing Co-ordinator

Atelier was a fine art reproduction house. If you’re interested, I wrote a bit about it here.

  • managed tracking and performance stats of limited editions and small product lines – including edition certificates, sales, fulfillment numbers and account orders
  • managed distribution of all marketing materials, sales targets, and sales reports for a team of national & international sales reps – including current accounts and potential markets.


How this helps you:

Successful management of product line(s) beyond your original art/service is a healthy way to diversify your business. Learning how to identify potential associated markets and create products tailored for the needs of that market is a powerful boost for your biz and your revenue.

Learning to track your performance and evaluate the impact of your decisions is learning how to steer the ship of your business; it keeps you following a thriving north star and avoid getting caught in the weeds.

Doing this while staying true to your passion and joy is the ongoing biz balancing act – both are necessary.

Think of my benefit as being able to show you a snapshot of your business.

I can show your where things might be getting a little tippy, give you options to correct the balance and teach you how to be better at doing that for yourself in the future.

My core desire is to teach you to become the best steward of your own business.

Fixing your “stuck” without the understanding of how you got there and how to avoid it in the future is the difference between feeding you a meal and teaching you how to fish.

If this hits all the right buttons – check out how I can help.