I grew up watching my mom dread Monday mornings and having to go back to a job that she hated. By Sunday evening she had lost all the shine of Friday afternoon and had become a darker, smaller, more limited version of herself. WallPlantsRoundCorners2

Even as a child I recognized the insanity of that life and her choice to keep going back.

We all have to work. We do. I understand.

We all have to earn a livelihood for ourselves – but the how and the why we do that work offers possibilities far beyond “I hate it but it keeps me fed.”

Work that is fulfilling, meaningful and is rooted in a deep truth about what is important in our lives – those are the businesses I help build.

You’ll enjoy working with me if:

  • you don’t mind swears
  • You expect and want to dig in and do the work required to build up your business – irregardless of where you start.
  • You have no expectations of “secrets tips” or “magic formulas” (which are bullshit and meant to hard sell a list of strangers).
  • You cultivate a healthy dose of idealism with your hard work and won’t object to words like “truth”, “passion” and “purpose” used in relation to you, and the work that you do in your biz.

StarhazeSelfie me stardust

I work with creatives who:

  • Are eager to put in the effort and time needed to build real relationships around the shared passion of their business.
  • Want to take on the mantle of building their own audience and creating their own opportunities and are not content to wait to be “chosen”
  • Believe in themselves and the value of the work that they’re bringing to the world – and are willing to dig into the value of what they offer
  • Are willing to commit to their business success and understand that commitment needs to be made again and again and again…
  • Are willing to step out and be seen and connect in a real way in the real world
  • Believe in the magic and the mystery of this beautiful glass.