I’ve had the great fortune to connect to a wonderful myriad of amazing people on the interwebz through my postings and ramblings about art, art marketing and the business of being an artist.

Some of those people have said nice things about what I do.

I will keep those nice things here.

Nice things said by nice people:



Before & Expectations:

My old website was way too busy. As I was redesigning it, I reached out to Lezley with the following concerns:
*Too many interests.
*Too many different types of art.
*Too many different services.
*No consistent voice.

Working with Me:

I did not have any resistance to working with Lezley. I read through several of her blog posts and listened to many of her pod casts and I just knew I wanted to work with her. I was looking for someone who would be kind, who understood art, and (most of all) someone who wouldn’t blow sunshine at me. I needed truth and I knew that Lezley would have a way of delivering that in an inspiring way.

Specific Results:

I feel more focused and intentional in both my art making and my business development. I take more joy in both. I am finding ways to more truly express how and why I make art and I find that I’m attracting a more ideal audience.

Three months after my call with Lezley, I am nearing completion on a strong series of paintings and I am gaining momentum on blogging and marketing. Other successes: my mailing list has doubled, my Facebook page likes have tripled, and I’ve sold several prints.

I also recently bounced some ideas back and forth with Lezley about ways to further simplify the copy on my About page – Lezley helped me find a fun and engaging (yet simple!) way to do that. Her continued support and advice are immensely valuable to me!

Thank you Lezley for helping me find my voice and for helping me start something wonderful – you’re a treasure!

What would you say to a friend?

I wholeheartedly recommend Lezley to you. She takes her work very seriously and yet she’s a ton of fun. You will leave your session feeling inspired and with a clear path to follow towards success.

What do you need to continue to grow?

Nothing that I can think of! I look forward to booking a 6-month-plan (Your Next 6 Months) call with you early in 2017.


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FB - Kristy awesome advice
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Jasmine - inspire


These nice people endorsed my skills.

These nice people endorsed my skills.

From Herbert at Artcures Inc.

From Herbert at Artcures Inc.

Past art students.

Past art students.