I’ve had a glitchy Mac for the past couple months. It’s been slow and laggy and generally annoying me. So I told my IT guru Stephanie about the situation and she recommended I “repair permissions”…. what?

I’ve never heard of this before – I know not what this is. I think it’s similar to someone owning a car and not knowing they have to change the oil. So, repair permissions I did and voila! Non-glitchy beautiful Mac lurve. Yay!

Utilities> Disk Utility> select volume> First Aid> Repair Permissions = ahhhhhhh….

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    Stephanie says:

    Some people swear by it. Like a mantra, if you repair permissions before and after every update, or once a week, or whenever the moon is in virgo, or whatever. I tend to repair permissions whenever things feel off. I don’t know if it really is a cure-all or not. What I do know is, repairing permissions is like chicken soup: It can’t hurt!

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