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Hi guys welcome to Adventures in Truth Telling; Stories from the Unshushable.

So basically what I’m going to do here is just talk about stories from my life – about life. I’m going to talk about ideas about the world; physics, politics, life, romance, hate, justice, history, mental illness, anger, sex…

(Bet I’ve got your attention now. lol!)


Love, money, rage, reasons for being, ideas about the world, and anything else that might be left.

Not talking about uncomfortable topics in our lives has not helped.

Actually, it’s just resulted in us not talking to one another, avoiding conversations and not coming to any common ground about uncomfortable topics in which we disagree.

We need to talk about all this stuff. We need to have the freedom to share the best and the worst of our lives with each other.

With the world.

I want to tell you my truth.

I want to tell you my truth as clearly and as best as I can tell it to you.

Facing my fear of expressing my truth – especially the controversial parts, the ugly parts, the unpopular parts. That’s why I want to do this.

I need to be able to express my truth to the world in the most transparent and direct way possible.

This is pretty much it.


What I hope is that, at the very least it inspires conversation.

At the very most – maybe it’ll inspire you to speak your own truth.

I don’t have a choice anymore to not do this. There’s absolutely nothing else that I want to be doing anymore with my life except to share my truth as well as I know it – and hear yours as a result.

This is weirdly, the only thing I remain passionate about.

I’m going to stop doing this if it ever stops being fun.

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Thank you for listening.
If you like what I’m creating, please consider supporting the making on Patreon.

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