It was huge. I have a rule about bugs – I like them, they deserve to live. I like spiders, they eat bugs… it’s a whole big cycle. However, I draw the line at invading my personal space – especially not on my bed. My bed is a bug-free zone. That’s gross and creepy… now I’m all jittered out by the giant ant that’s probably going to go off and build a colony next to the kitty litter and tear my house down, morsel by morsel.

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    wu kai si says:

    Pretty soon you’re going to have a whole eco system in your house!

    Stephanie says:

    An ant.. even the big ants don’t bother me, but spiders – ech! They’ve already won the battle for my basement, I had to concede it to them and evacuate. (It was kind of funny/horrifying watching the furnace repair guy get caught in the webs though…)

    Shouldn’t the kitties be patrolling for ants? Especially if they try to hunker down next to the litter… I’d talk to the cats, make sure they understand their responsibilities.

    Jason Marcy says:

    I hate thed bugs too. Not so much the spiders cause they eat the other bugs. Xander does not like the spiders. They interfere with his Wii experience in our basement…

    bArt says:

    My buddy’s place is overrun with ants. But, just tiny ones that are barely noticeable – leaving your sugar out, being an exception to that. We’ll go on a surf check and one of them will crawl out of your jacket onto your arm. The warmer winters seem to be making them stronger….

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