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Hi and welcome to Art A&A with Lezley Davidson and Peeling Onions. Today I want to talk to you about comparing yourself to others and the critical voices in your head.

Just stop… stop being so critical to yourself especially about your art. All art is like having your pants down around your ankles and your ass hanging out in the world for everyone to see and take potshots at. So the last thing you need when you’re creating art is your own critical voice telling you how much you suck or how you need to do that better or this better or whatever.

The critical voice has a place but it’s not in the act of creation. Bring your editor out when it’s time to make changes – to look at your composition your color your value your strokes… things that need to be changed. In the act of creation shut the hell up and tell the critical voice that you’ll listen to it later… or never, ‘cuz it’s  kind of a jackass.

Just try and practice affirming to yourself your positive voices. Affirm to yourself how you’ve improved. Repeat to yourself how much better you’re doing now than you were two years ago, a year ago, last month. You are improving, you’re getting better. Constantly reaffirm those voices in your mind .Take the critical one and replace it with a positive supportive voice.

There will be enough people who don’t believe in the art world or don’t help or don’t support or don’t understand frankl.y you don’t have to be one of them.

Under no circumstances, ever, compare yourself to others. It is doesn’t work in any situation.

  • don’t compare yourself to your favourite artist
  • don’t compare yourself to someone who’s been taking art classes every week for the last 20 years
  • don’t compare yourself to the professional member of you know the watercolor Society of Canada whose one artist or jurist choice awards in Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibit every year

You can be inspired by other painters, by your favourite painters who are doing well and who you’d like to emulate. You love their techniques and you want to try them – those are great inspirations. It’s great to be inspired and motivated. There’s nothing that’s created in the art world that isn’t rooted directly in something that was here before. All of our evolution is based upon other people’s successes.

…but beware those voices.

Beware when those voices turn into how much you suck or how you’ll never be as good or you’ll never learn or you’ll never you’ll never,  you’ll never, you’ll never, you shouldn’t bother your stuff is crap who do you think you are, you’ll never be, you’ll never do.

Beware of those voices. Be aware of those voices because it’s the inner critic being a judgey asshole and it’s not helpful, not ever.

Replace those voices with positive support for yourself  ’cause you deserve it and you don’t need it and  you’re doing way better than you think you are.

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Okay thanks for listening and we’ll see you next week.

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