Hello and welcome to Art A&A number 20 I am Lezley Davidson with Peeling

Today I’ve got an art question from Surit in Toronto and Surit asks:

“I wanted a really thick texture and I’m using molding paste with acrylics but it keeps cracking? What I do to fix the cracks?”

Molding paste is awesome… I am going to be doing a variety of videos through March and April showing all the acrylic mediums I can get my hands on including modeling paste. Now the only modeling paste I’ve ever come across the cracks is by Liquitex. And I’m sorry to call them out but I hate their modeling paste.

Liquitex vs. Tri-Art vs. Golden

I’ve used it extensively or rather I used modeling pastes extensively – I tried Liquitex once and when you try and use their modeling paste thick it does crack because it is very chalky and it is almost identical to drywall compound and its very very heavy. It’s like putting concrete on your canvas.

It’s a nice surface it’s really a little abrasive so it takes the paint really nicely but it is terrible except in small quantities. So what I’d recommend Surit is that you use a different molding paste, ‘cuz molding paste is a great way to get really really thick texture.

Use one by Tri-Art or Golden. They are very light, they’re polymer-based as opposed to whatever is in Liquitex that makes it feel like drywall compound but they they hold their peaks.Tri-Art has a little bit of a weird surface it’s very very polymer rich so it tends to have a little bit of a glossy surface which initially can make really thin glazes difficult to stick so just make sure that your glaze has some polymer medium in it to make sure that it sticks if it’s a problem.

Sso that’s what I’ve moved to, I use the tri-Art and the Golden which work great. If you want super super thick texture you may have to do double applications of the molding paste – put it on then let it dry and then put a it on over top. I’ve always use molding paste as a surface texture and I put it down before I paint. You can mix it with the paint but there’s a lot of whiting in it which turns your paint pretty much pastel, which I find offensive so I don’t do it.

It’s very opaque, very white and right this is another thing – molding paste is better used on a firm supports. I will never use molding paste on a canvas above about 18 x 18 possibly 24 x 24. Molding paste will crack on a flexible surface, so that’s a drag –¬† but you can get around that by using a canvas panel or a wooden support.

Solid Supports

Solid supports are like plywoods that are braced with frames behind them. They’re becoming very very popular and they’re not that expensive – they’re about a little bit more expensive than a stretched canvas of the same size. You can also make them yourself¬† if you’re handy by going to you know, Rona or Home Depot or whatever and getting plywood and making your own bracing on the back.

I am not handy so that I would never do that.

Matte & Gloss Gel

You can also use heavy body gels or superheavy body gels to get your texture. They dry translucent or transparent. If you’re buying gels and you want them to be completely transparent get gloss, gloss dries completely transparent. Matte gels depending on how thick they are will dry translucent or like frosted. Okay so that’s good to know depending on what your goals are.


Now if you are wanting something cheap and you’re using a big support and you don’t care about a little bit of cracking, use the Liquitex molding medium molding paste or actually go to the hardware store and buy drywall compound. It works really well. I textured my walls in my house and I started off using molding paste.I realized that it would cost me $1 million to texture the living room the way I wanted to with molding paste, so I went and bought drywall compound and

Ta Dah!

…big giant gallon for like five bucks!

Iit was awesome and I textured my walls, painted and glazed over them and they look beautiful… so yeah that’s what you can do for texture.

Hhope it helps please send your questions to the website head over to or they’ll lead you to the same place click on the podcast tab and give me a question I’d love to help out. Okay thanks a lot I will see you guys next week

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