FanExpo Convention Display

Cynthia and I at FanExpo with our overly crowded hive of images.

Must have items for a more successful (and comfortable) summer convention/art show schedule.

  • payment methods
  • display options
  • give aways
  • mailing lists
  • and more!
  • (25 minutes more! holy hell)


I just saw this today: Paypal Credit Card Readers for Smartphones!!

I don’t think it’s released yet – but it’s coming, and it’s the BEES KNEES at an outdoor art show or comic con. Woo!

Download The Exhibitors Checklist

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Click on the image or the link to download:

Click here to download the Exhibitors Checklist.


You can get the whole free convention package with the FanExpo Package.

The Video Podcast Version:

Photos of Stuff Mentioned in the Podcast:

Convention Display Grids

These are the grids used at FanExpo. Cynthia and I did a test run in the back of the store to see what-what.

I bought more grids – next time, not so cluttered.

Rollie Bags Convention transport - Chicago

The purple one is the rollie bag luggage I used to cart around my merch for the Chicago Wizard World show. It works spectacularly.

Interrobang Studios Convention Display

This is Sarah Martinez (and Kevin Bolk – shown in cartoon only) from Interrobang Studios at the Chicago Wizard World show.

Sarah and Kevin have a pretty awesome display set-up that gets a lot of attention: bright, beautiful colours and illoz, up super high (you can see it from 2 aisles away – great for finding your way back to the table after a bathroom run). Sarah’s learned a thing or two from her years and years of conventioning with Kev.

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