There’s no foolproof way of keeping your images safe online… but there are ways that you can minimize the appeal of taking yours.

Today’s podcast covers some of the ways you can protect your images from being shared around the internet without your ownership attached.


These 2 comic strips illustrate signature placements that would require bad cropping decisions to hide ownership.



Ahhh…conventions & art fairs

They are a different breed of event and require a different set of skills to set up a retail booth and attract customers.

I love selling at conventions – it’s wonderful to meet fans in real life and to make that connection to the reason WHY you’re making the stuff in the first place.
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This download is 12 pages of checklists, tips and techniques, and resources to make your convention/art fair experience more pleasant.



Danielle Corsetto of Girls with Slingshots puts her signature in the gutter between panels to make it more difficult to spread her comics without her signature.

Did you notice that I just took a screen shot of her comic without asking and posted it on my website?

However, I have acknowledged her ownership, linked back to her website and added ©Danielle Corsetto in the photo file info.
This would generally be considered fair use as I’m not trying to claim this as my own and I’m not attempting to profit from Danielle’s art.


This watermark is understated and isn’t distracting from the image and is placed where it couldn’t be easily cropped.


This is the standard deviantART watermark, which in this case is TOTALLY interfering with the image.


This is an overly exaggerated use of © watermarks. Click on the image and read about Nate Zeman’s take on why he uses watermarks in his photographs.


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