I’ve been blabbing about your “WOW” art on social media lately and I thought I’d take a minute to talk about what your wow art really is and how we can contribute more impactful art based on the concept of WOW.

Ha ha! True story.

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    Joelle Circe says:

    It's so wonderful to hear someone speak to this, thank you so much. I'm now recharged and more certain than ever of my passion. You have just made my self-doubts about what I create disappear. 🙂

    Lezley Davidson says:

    Wow… thanks Joelle – that just made my day awesome. Thank you.

    Getting to that place is what this life is about to me – getting past all the shoulds and coulds and taboos and societal made up CRAP to get to the shiny, bright glowing heart of authentic expression.

    You go do it. *hi-fives*

    Wendy Landkammer says:

    WOW is when the art eats you and what is created is a living expression of life and love and passion. 🙂

    Lezley Davidson says:

    Hahaha!! Wendy man… you and I so wonderfully balance each other in our relationship to art.

    I tend to get all "spiritual and ethereal" and you're so completely Earthy and grounded and manifestly CONSUMED by your art muse.

    I love it. <3

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