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Today’s podcast is in response listener mail.

Elizabeth sent me a great question about developing an artistic style.

I love listener mail. Please send questions.

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Here are the links to things that I mention in the podcast:

©Elizabeth Goh, Animal Stack 2012

©Elizabeth Goh, Animal Stack 2012

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    I want all artists to say this as a mantra, daily. Embrace your way. No one does it quite like you.

    Go listen to the podcast for more.

    Wendy Landkammer says:

    This one can be a tricky thing sometimes because it can mean being out in the middle of no where for periods of time. I have come to the conclusion that some times that has to happen so that hanging on to our own voice in art stays strong. It can be very easy to loose our way just to keep people interested in our art.

    You’re right – it’s so true. Following your inner voice means sometimes you feel like you’re the only one getting where you’re at and you’re making art just for yourself.

    That’s not such a bad thing.

    Artists are always making connections and having insights before the majority of the population.

    That can be a solitary place to be.

    Elizabeth Goh says:

    haha – yes, I was sitting on the bus commuting to the day job when I listened — made me laugh out loud so this time I got to be that crazy on the bus (kinda liked it). Thanks for all the great advice. Really glad I found your site and podcasts (all of which I first stumbled onto via iTunes).

    What a great visual. 😀

    I’m glad you’re liking it – thanks for touching base.

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