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Evernote, XMind & Things

Where I squeee over organizational tools and reveal my inner administrator.

Big. Long. Wordy Worderton:

Happiness is like peeing your pants. I am here today to share some productivity and organization tools that make me want to pee my pants.

Seriously I am really really organized – I mean things can get messy a little bit – but everything’s got a place to be.

I like systems, I like processes.

Its very administrative of me but there’s some tools that I use that I’ve found over the last little while that just make me pee my pants!


Evernote_iOS_logoOkay the first is Evernote. Evernote has been around for a while &it has a free version and a paid version.

I’ve no idea what the paid version does because the free version alone rocks my world!

I was attempting to keep track of all the little bits and pieces that I found on the Internet that were so awesome I wanted to keep – via the bookmark option on my browser.

That is just ball sack. Hairy, hairy ballsack. 

That sucked, seriously I couldn’t keep track of anything.

I’d have to keep going in and trying to re-organize and the list was like 1,000,000 miles long and I didn’t know where anything was…it just sucked.

Evernote took over all of that I don’t know why it took me so long to finally take a look at it. I saw it all over the place and it was promoted as a digital file cabinet and I don’t know, I just wasn’t excited about it…  but I should’ve been.

This is my Evernote today.

This is my Evernote today (2012).


So what you can do with Evernote is you make up these notebooks, they’re like little files where you keep everything and you can call them whatever you want. Like what do I have on mine… “Blog Ideas” “Blog Optimize”, “Books” “Comic Ideas”, “Product Ideas”, “Prospects”,  “Public Speaking”, “Social Marketing”, “Website” “Twitter”.

These are all my notebooks, all the big things and in each one of the notebooks has like a bunch of different individual notes in it.

These are my Evernote notebooks today. (2014)

These are my Evernote notebooks today. (2014)

The thing that is the most amazing thing about Evernote is the fact that you can save URLs you can save notes like text you can save audio files.

Apple_Computer_Logo_rainbow.svgThere’s an app for the iPhone which is buh – bomb all the way – I love my iPhone by the way I’m, a Mac girl all the way – all the way Mac Mac… WHOOO Apple!

Evernote, yes you can save URLs you can save screen captures which I love like I don’t even type anything out anymore.

When I find something on the web that’s awesome and I want to save and be able to look back on it, I will screen cap it and save it into a note on Evernote.

Everything is kept, and organized. All little tidbits that you think “I might go back and check that out as that’s really cool” and then they’re lost and you think, “aawww, that would’ve beeen neat.” Now you don’t have to lose it.

Plus you can tag stuff by project or idea cloud. I tag everything for my Godhead project as “Godhead” so I don’t lose it – even if it doesn’t make it into the right notebook. WIN.

Evernote my friends, Evernote and then get the app for your iPhone because it’s bombalicious. Seriously, stuff like this just makes me squeeee all over the place. And it’s FREE – what the hell, it’s FREE Booo! I’d PAY for it [shhhh!!] But I would.

Got all excited my throat scratchy “squeeee!” that’s what did it.


I’ve stopped using XMind… not because it’s not useful – but because I’ve turned to a sketchbook and coloured markers to brainstorm.


For me. I can get into the flow much easier with a sketchbook as opposed to a computer.


Oooh - now you can save your XMind files to Evernote. Hrmmmm.....

Oooh – now you can save your XMind files to Evernote. Hrmmmm…..

Here’s something for the completely anal – I’ve recently been turned on to Mind Maps and I love it.

The old 70s style brainstorming thing that we used to do in enrichment class – where you have an idea in the middle then draw these lines on the other circles in a brainstorm bunch of ideas… blah, blah blah –  well that stuff works.

It’s a great way to gather up a whole bunch of ideas and just let stream of consciousness go.

The nice thing about Mind Maps on your computer is then you can edit them and you can move them around and you can restructure them which is… okay can’t believe I’m an artist this is so left brained – but it I love it!

I use for on my computer. 

I was introduced to it from someone else online and I’m just kinda stuck with it.

You know once you use a tool you learn how to make it look the way you want, you’re reluctant to branch out?

Well, that’s XMind for me. It’s free. All this stuff is free!

You can organize your ideas. I use it to organize my year when I’m planning blog posts, my editorial themes – I go in and I make a plan there. I plan at all my outlines for my e-books, to plan out product ideas and it’s a great way to get your thoughts out.

I kinda stopped being into the computer brainstorm and went old school with the pad and coloured markers.... and cat. <3

I kinda stopped being into the computer brainstorm and went old school with the pad and coloured markers…. and cat. <3[/caption]

That’s the thing that I really liked – I’m very visual and  it helps me organize my thoughts.

As a visual person if I can see my thoughts, I get a better sense of how it’s supposed to fit together and I understand my thoughts better when I can actually look at them and play around with them. for your mind mapping software. That’s free, there’s also an app well wouldn’t you know there’s an app on iTunes called ithoughts… hold on, I’m going to pause this …okay yeah, the app is called ithought and it’s not free it wasn’t too much is maybe 2.99 or 4.99 but it was worth it to me to have my mind maps with me at all time.

The reason I chose ithought was because it synced with Dropbox and it was compatible with my formats.

So when I’m finished I just got my folder –  all my mind maps saved in my Dropbox folder on my desktop and so that syncs to the cloud then ithoughts can grab it and pull it down and when I save it, it syncs right back up to the cloud so the next time I pull it open on my desktop it’s my latest version it’s awesome – the cloud is the bomb too. Everything is the bomb! All this stuff is the bomb.


Things for Mac

[caption id="attachment_16172" align="alignleft" width="300"]This is my Things right now. This is my Things right now. (2012)

Okay, the last one is not free but it but I really like it.

Its called Things for Mac by a company called Cultured Code and it is a really great task management software.

It was kind of expensive – it was about $50 when I bought it.

I’m not sure how much it is now, I bought it probably four or five years ago and I really really enjoy it. There’s an app as well that goes on your phone, and one for your iPad.

It may be free if you have the desktop software but it may not be not sure.

The reason I like it is because it’s a really well organized  a number of different functionalities. You can organize by date and organize by type – like if I want to have every that is “website-y” be together then I can file all that stuff under the website area. So at a glance I can just look at what I need to do for the website. Same with “Promo” or “Art” or “Comics” – everything can be organized into ‘area’.

I can tag things too between my own business and my day job so that I can filter out any of my stuff when I’m working my day job and I can filter out any day job stuff when I’m working my own business.

This is my Things today. (2014)

This is my Things today. (2014)

I can also schedule projects that are then filed under the different areas so if I’ve got many many different tasks within a project I can have it all organized togetherin a hierarchy. See? I am very very systemized. So that’s Things with Cultured Code and this is a really long podcast so I’m going to go.

If you’re looking for more tools to help you get organized – check out The Almanac planner.

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