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Kelly Grace during our interview... #curlers #pyjamas

Kelly Grace during our interview…
#curlers #pyjamas

Today I interview my pal and professional full-time artist Kelly Grace.

This is a monster interview – an hour an a half… we talk art and multi-media multiples and personal style and vintage hair…

We gossip about the art scene in Toronto and I get to find out about some “copying shenanigans” that went on…

Kelly offers up some pearls of artist path wisdom.

She reveals some really generous personal shares about the art biz and at the very least will make you feel not so alone when you find yourself at a show crying in the bathroom.

Kelly is exhibiting at:
Booth 336
The Better Living Centre, Exhibition Place
February 20-24, 2014

Thanks Kelly. <3

©Kelly Grace "Good Glow" 25" x 50" *SOLD*

©Kelly Grace “Good Glow” 25″ x 50″ *SOLD*

You can connect with Kelly Grace on:

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