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In today’s podcast we talk about the fear of starting and being awkward. It gets better.

I promise.


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Hello and welcome to Art Answers & Ampersands. This is Lezley Davidson and we are going to also call this podcast Art A&A cause Art Answers & Ampersands just doesn’t roll off the tongue, however Art A&A – oh, look at that just go… Art A&A… Art A&A… I can’t believe I just did that.

So last week I said that I would be fielding a marketing question today. Well, I am not. I lied. I’m already breaking your trust, I’m sorry. Today I want to talk about more of an inspirational topic and it is more to do with starting new things and the fear that we have over starting new things.

Many of us as artists find success in particular techniques and stick with it by God, cause it gets us results and we can count on it. That’s fine in a crunch but we need to have experimentation,  artists need to be able to experiment and try new things….

…please do not have fear of the suckage.

You are going to suck when you try new things, it’s just what’s going to happen. It’s going to feel awkward and uncomfortable and probably be really ugly and you’re going to be bad and that’s just what’s going to happen. It’s just the way it is.. at first – and then you’re going to get better.

I mean, my comics – any of you that know my comics – they were terrible in the beginning and then they better, they got much better and I never would’ve improved if I hadn’t just gone for it and not been afraid of publishing crappy looking comics.

This podcast is another example, my goodness I published it three or four times and then lost it. I did all my editing and I actually lost the file – I don’t know how I did it, I don’t remember deleting it, it was just gone. I also didn’t know how to adjust my levels and I’m learning all that as I go… but…  it’s going to suck in the beginning and I admit it. I know this podcast will improve over time but right now I’m willing to go through the growing pains I hope you are too , I hope you understand.

You understand that… we don’t evolve as artists, as people unless we stretch beyond our comfort zone. You don’t grow, you don’t become better,  you don’t improve, you don’t stretch and enlarge your perspective and your experiences… and your creations unless you move outside of what’s comfortable and what you’re used to.

So I hope you do that…. Be brave people, be brave and experiment.

If you’re a painter and you want pick up some 3-D – pickup some 3-D! Work that clay! If you’re a watercolorist and you want to pick up some oil. DO IT. Be not afraid of the Turpentine.

Okay so next week I have a question from Sheila in Newmarket who is asking questions about varnish.

If you like this podcast please subscribe in iTunes or head over to the iTunes page and give us a rating or a comment. If you are interested in getting sone of these in a little pep talk, I have published an e-book on the website or It’s a free e-book called “I Wish Someone Had Told Me – 18 Ways to Grow a Pair in Art”.

It’s a collection of 18 points of good advice that I wish someone had told me 32 years ago when I started painting and drawing. It’s just really grounded good advice about how to not get stuck and get over yourself and not get too worked up or caught up in all the issues that we can have as artists when we are pursuing new things and are trying new things or simply just beginning. It addresses some of the ways that we compare ourselves and all that kind of bull crap.

We must be brave my artists, we must be brave.

So it’s Christmasy around here, I hope you guys have a great holiday and I’ll talk with you next week.

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