Where Goals are Good but Plans are Golden

Happy New Year – the time to make unrealistic goals and unbelievable promises that just make you feel like a failure.

Don’t do it!

Make a plan. Plans are Golden.

Golden Words:

Hello and welcome to Art A&A in the New Year. It’s 2012 and according to the Mayans we only have 12 months left to live… ha ha – just kidding. Actually, I’m sorry I brought that up, because that could open up a whole can of worms about that kind of thing but I’m going to tell you just like Y2K I’m going to be really interested to see what goes down December 23… it’ll be interesting.

Okay so today, because it is the first of the year… technically the second but it’s the beginning of the year we’re going to talk about goals and goal setting and all that.

Now, goals are great. I think it’s balls to say that you’re going to lose weight in the new year. It’s just an arbitrary date for personal goals – weight loss, getting healthy, quitting smoking all of that kind of stuff. However it is a nice turnaround for business…our taxes are based on the fiscal year so we can make a big difference over a year from the previous year and it’s best to make goal. But goals are balls unless there’s a plan.

So if you have goals for this year what are your goals? Be specific about what do want to do. Do you want to come in contact with three new publishers this year for your illustrations? Do you want to have a show? Do you want to have many shows? three shows? how many shows? solo shows? groups shows? Specifically, what do you want to do?

Do you want to build your list? Do you want to make more sales? If you want to build your list, how many  more people do want on your list? If you want to have more sales what’s the number of sales that you want to make? Decide specifically what you’re looking for in your goals – then reverse engineer it.

If you’re going to reverse engineer say, the publisher’s that you want to meet – what are you going to have to do over the next 12 months to become familiar with publishers in your genre? Well first you’re going to have to find publishers that print your genre. You’re going to have to discover the editors at those publishing houses who are dealing with your genre. Find out their names, their addresses their contact information.

Then you’re going to have to devise a plan of getting in contact with them on a regular basis because that’s how you’re going to become known to people in that industry.

So the best way to plan out a year is to break it up into quarters or smaller increments. You can do it monthly… I work a two-month increment. Two months is something that I can manage – quarterly I find is too big, I can’t manage three months. You might be better at managing three months but for two months I will plan exactly what I’m going to be posting on the blog and on the podcast and on twitter… what videos and audio I’m recording.

I can manage it all – I print out two months out of my iCal and I write it all down. It’s like an editorial schedule for a blogger or website.  You can do that too – make a plan… No goal is ever achieved without a plan you must make a plan and have it as concrete as possible. You can write down all the action steps you need to take in order to see to fruition the things you need to do within the next two to three months so that you can accomplish your year-long goal.

So dream big but plan it because dreams are just crap if you keep putting them off.

Okay so have good New Year, I’ll see you guys next week. Oh if you like this podcast head over iTunes and subscribe or leave a comment or a rating – hopefully good you know, whatever… I’ll see you next week.

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