StormOakSince high school, I’ve been on a path to uncover with as much clarity as possible, what I want to be doing with my time here.

That’s my passion.

It’s the one true north that has remained through all my spiralling and questing for meaning.

The one truth that shone through whatever else I was doing with my days.

What do you really want
to be doing here?

It’s the one question I ask more than any other. To myself. To new friends. Old friends. Family.

Our desires are our truth.

They are the map to show us where to go and how to fulfill ourselves and do work that matters to us. That satisfies us.

It doesn’t matter if anyone else gets it. It is meaningful and important work to us.

Expanding scope

I’m opening my biz and blog and website to go beyond art.

"Hopping Fences" = Going Beyond Art... sure. Play along.

“Hopping Fences” = Going Beyond Art… sure. Play along.

The focus is on identifying what is your life’s work and then helping you make that work a successful reality in your life.

I make art to communicate. I will continue to make art and continue to work for artists to build successful businesses.

My passion goes beyond art.

Let me help you make your time here valuable. Let the dreams out. Let it breathe the air.

Give it some life. It can be done.

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