Click pic for video.

Click pic for video.

Sharlena Wood
is a full-time artist, instructor & interactive event painter.

She booked me for “Your Next 6 Months” and generously allowed me to record her session.

Then I created these fun little promo clips so that folks can see what doing “Your Next 6 Months” with me looks like and shamelessly flaunt my wares around the internet. (If you learn nothing from me – remember that point. Shameless self-promotion for the win!)

Today’s Clip: Crossing the Heart Bridge

I wanted to share this because it nicely encapsulates what I believe is happening in the world and what informs the ground that I stand on.

I don’t talk about this stuff openly very often because I’ve been afraid of the feedback – but I gotta walk the talk.

I can’t rightly encourage and expect you to live your truth while I stay quiet and small in mine.

Live your truth – what the fuck’s the point otherwise?

Listen to the podcast or click this link for the video.

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