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Reverend Lezley

Reverend Lezley

If you haven’t already heard, I’ve been ordained as a minister in The Universal Life Church … Yay!

(My boyfriend was like, what the fuck, seriously what’s going on.
He’s an atheist.)

The Universal Life Church was neat.

They believe that everyone should be ordained because we all have truth of God to speak of and I love that.

It’s very similar to the Wiccan sentiment where there is no congregation. Every single one of the circle is a priest or priestess, or a god or goddess because we all speak our own unique truth of divinity through our unique filter of skin and flesh.

We’re all needed.
All the voices are needed to make a full choir.

There is no meaning outside of you

Oooh, Press Pass and Minister Parking (that will 100% not get you out of a ticket).

Oooh, Press Pass and Minister Parking (that will 100% not get you out of a ticket).

I became ordained.

I became ordained because it is meaningful to me.

It is a commitment I made to this new path of speaking openly and honestly about spirit and not hiding it behind art which I’ve done up until now… But I’ve already talked to you about that, so we’re okay.

This is a commitment I made and it has meaning to me.

It doesn’t matter if anybody else gets it.

We are always and constantly creating meaning in our lives. It doesn’t matter whether the meaning is something that comes from the outside in, or we create it by choosing.

This is the power that we have – we create the meaning in our lives by choosing the things we choose.

I have created meaning in a ministry because I chose to become ordained; that was a symbolic act of choosing, of me exercising power, and acting and turning my life in a particular direction.

These are powerful choices and this is how we create meaning in our lives, by what you choose to do, and by what you choose to pay attention to, and what you choose to consider meaningful.

Joseph Campbell says:

“The adventure he is ready for is the one that he gets.”

The life you choose is the one that is meant for you because you chose it.

It doesn’t matter if anybody else gets it. It doesn’t matter if it’s for anyone else. What you choose to be meaningful in your life is what is meaningful in your life.

Made with Repix (’s really all. I’m a minister now. Call me Reverend Lezley. No, I’m just kidding. Minister Lezley? no Reverend … I like Reverend. It’s nice.

High Priestess, no … maybe … Empress Lezley. I just snorted. Yeah right.

I just wanted to share that with you. I’m going to include some pictures about my ordination certificates and whatnot. By the way you can be ordained for free at The Universal Life Church.

It’s not actually recognized in Canada as an official church where you can officiate weddings but you can in the States.

I can marry you, my American friends.

That could be fun. All right, I’ll talk to you soon.
Thanks for listening.

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