Everyone can make art.


It’s not rocket science, although it can feel very uncomfortable for the unfamiliar.

Like all things, after a little bit of focus and practice it will bring rewards of progress and accomplishment and the fruition of long-held desires to “be more creative” or “take up painting”.

meditation mindfulness tag cloudArt is one of the few activities that I do regularly that has a built-in meditation aspect to it. (Walking is another.)

After time spent at my desk or easel, I am more relaxed, focused and engaged in my life.

Do not be worried if you feel you don’t have any natural talent or aptitude for art.

I don’t believe in that.

What is more valuable is a desire to paint.

There is no real learning without doing in art and natural talent gives way to those who are eager to gain talent through experience.

Just paint.


That’s the secret to making art – just make art.