Prirucni_slovnik_naucny,_encyclopedia_in_Czech_languageWe’ve come to the end of Art Licensing month – and to cap it off nicely, here’s a page of further resources and links to peruse at your leisure.

…on your copious amounts of time off, of course… LOL!!!

Remember when you used have a chance to read?

Just sit on the deck with a book and a Diet Coke and lose yourself for the afternoon?

Yeah… me neither. I never read anymore. If it’s not available in audio – I don’t do it. I’ve had a Jon Irving novel on my bedside table for over 6 months!!

I read a paragraph and I’m asleep.

Books are like Xanax.

Anyhoo – that went a little off the rails…

Here are your resources.

Art Licensing Resources:

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