Hey there!
I’m busy putting together Volume II of Peeling Onions to be ready for print in a couple weeks and I’m asking for ‘blurbage’ to grace the back cover, some inside pages… maybe on the web-site…?

If you enjoy checking in on the comic and would like to participate – please feel free to email me at:
lezley@lezleydavidson.com (or click the email link in the left sidebar) or just throw your comment into the comments section below. I’ve gathered up a couple already and I’m grateful to anyone who’d like to participate.

Don’t worry if you think that you don’t have ‘clout’, I’m looking for honest experiences from people who enjoy and appreciate what I’m creating.

Thanks for your help!
Take good care,

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    Thanks to everyone for participating – keep ’em coming! (some of you guys are hilarious! – you think I won’t use them… just wait!).

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