Come Together
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There are a lot of beliefs around art and artists that can hinder our ability to succeed and grow in our business.

They can stop us from going for it when in reality, the only thing holding us back is our own limited beliefs about what’s possible.

This collection goes through most of the prevalent artist myths and offers a pathway to success beyond the restriction of myth.

Beyond the Art Myths


After the Artist Myth #1 – Feast on the Artists’ Buffet

Opportunities are everywhere – make it happen.

After the Artist Myth #2: No One Likes a Whiny Douchebag

That’s pretty self-explanatory. More solutions, less excuses.

After the Artist Myth #3 – An Art Business is STILL a Business (derp)

We can’t swan around all day in the studio. Sadly.

After the Artist Myth #4: The Value of Restriction

Focus. Seriously… focus is important.

After the Artist Myth #5 – We Can’t Care If We’ve Never Heard of You

No one can buy your art if you keep it in your basement. Get out there.

After the Artist Myth #6 – The Mass Market is Dead

Find out what’s special about you and what you do.

After the Artist Myth #7 – Luck Favours the Prepared

Success will find you. Be prepared for it.

After the Artist Myth #8 – The Ballad of Love & Work

I forget what this one’s about.

After the Artist Myth #9 – Saying Nothing Is Just Bad Marketing

Yeah… that’s just not good planning.

After the Artist Myth #10 – Make Me Want You

This sounds a little like sexy times.

©Beth Logan

©Beth Logan

But it’s probably not.

After the Artist Myth #11 – Beware, Bitter Can be Catching

Yeah… do you know someone like this? Bitter, bitter, everything sucks.

After the Artist Myth #12 – It’s a New World… Connected Online

More revenue streams. MOAR.


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