I talk to a lot of creatives who hate the blog.

Mighty blob indeed.

First – I want you to make a deal with yourself – this is…

The Mighty Blob Oath:


• Thall shall not write when thou hath nothing to say.

• Thall shall write only when thy heart is full of the feels – (whatever the feels, good or bad, it doesn’t matter).

• Thalt shall write only on topics that thou likest, regardless of what yon ‘experts’ may say.

• Thou shall not “shouldest” thyself to death.

• Thou shall not worry thyself about a “blog schedule” and only write when thou feelest moved and excited to do so.


Quick Blob Fix

Take a look at your existing blog – the hope for the blog is that people connect to what you’re communicating and will buy your art &/or service, join your email list or share images & posts with others.

  • Encourage people to sign up on your blog by keeping them on your site and staying engaged.
  • Keep them clicking by linking between posts about related topics.
  • Purposely search out posts related to your current writings and link to them.
  • Plan out and write a specific set of related posts approaching a sale or event and link between them like a bridge.

Paula Watters Jones keeps a rich and moving artists blog – it’s well worth the read and inspiration.

She’s even got a book – My Lyrical Journey: How I Painted my Heart Wide Open.


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