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If you have a personal FB + one more of either an FB Biz Page, Twitter, LinkedIN, Instagram, or Pinterest – sign up for one of the free services: Hootsuite (reccomended), Buffer, Social Oomph, Sprout Social, TweetDeck.
Meet Edgar - an amaze balls social media choice.
(I’d really like to use Edgar – but it’s sooooo expensive… and beautiful. DESIRE.)

Fill out your profile and schedule a couple posts – one with a link and one with a picture.

See how they post.

Tweak the posts so that the caption and the image publish in the best format possible. Sometimes the tools can pull up and post html jibber jabber instead of an interesting post excerpt or introduction message.


The tools help us to sit down and be present for social media and guide it in a direction that we want our biz to go, instead of being buffeted by all the chaos and distraction that exists in the social sphere.

With these tools you can create a whole connected train of posts that can build on one another, create interest, suspense – reveal an ongoing process that can culminate in a big reveal or event.

The scheduling tools allow us to broadcast over a variety of avenues and gives us the space to craft our message, our way.

Check it out. Scheduling apps are powerful tools for our message.

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