Can ‘o’ Worms Re-Opened

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    Paul Quinn says:

    the can will only be re- opened if you let it.

    Stephanie says:

    So if not being honest, faithful, et cetera, does that mean he’s willing to do as much lying, cheating and manipulating as it takes to get you back?
    Or maybe that’s too harsh… to be fair, my blood-caffein level is below its normal internet-posting level.

    Paul Quinn says:

    nothing is to harsh for someone who behaves like that. I speak from experiance, you cut them loose
    and tell them to fuck off if they come crawling back. to even entertain the notion of talking to them let alone get back together with them is just enabling them to continue to act like they can treat people like shit and get away with it. if you become the example of the one who won’t put up with their bull shit you break the chain.

    but hey what do I know, maybe I’m too much of a hard ass…that’s probably why i’m still single

    What’s your story? (email me – or post on the blog. I wanna know what happened to you).

    Tammy says:

    Lezley seems too intelligent to ever fall for his garbage again. If she took him back she would look like an idiot or world’s biggest hypocrite. She’s way too smart for that. The guy was a complete schmuck. People like that don’t change.

    Paul Quinn says:

    well, it’s kind of a long (not to mention emmbarrassing) story. let’s just say someone (her) presented themselves to be someone they weren’t. and someone else (me) believing bullshit because the sex was great. I’ll get into the details when we see each other at the fanxpo if you want. even though it was a few years ago, it left a really bad taste in my mouth and with some trust issues to deal with. although she has never tried see if i wanted to hook up again (she won’t ’cause she never gave a shit about me any way.) but I’d tell her to piss off.

    do i sound bitter?


    maybe a little. You should concentrate on getting YOU some!

    Paul Quinn says:

    that would be nice….easier said than done I find as of late. the older you get, the harder it seems to get

    You’re a handsome man – you’re hanging around the wrong crowds, trying to pick-up high school chicks (euuuuw).
    Just joshing ya Paully.
    (I like how your monster icon is pink and pretty with lipstick).

    Paul Quinn says:

    handsome? really?

    From what I can remember…. ya. You seem surprised.

    Paul Quinn says:

    I am a little. i usually get “cute” or ” funny”

    Paul Quinn says:

    yeah it really captures my inner monster

    MIchael Cho says:

    The take-away I get from today’s strip is that, when you’re given advance warning of a hungry snake approaching your area, you then have time to get the shotgun or set some wicked traps.

    Leanne says:

    I wonder what would happen if all the cheaters and liars were only allowed to date each other …. it would make it so much easier for us if there was a detection method (like a flashing red light on their forehead) before getting interested in them.

    Agreed – I vote for ‘douche-bag forehead tattoo’. And how come they’re so sweet and kind and make you love them first and then pull out all the asshole?

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