Canzine was fuh-freaking awesome! SO glad I was there… I met a ton of really crazy talented and righteous individuals and traded for their beautiful works. I’ll take some time later in the week to post a more thorough account with links and pics and stuff. I love that zine fair. I love Toronto. I love the PEOPLE in Toronto… It was a day filled with loving awesomeness… and tons of laughter. Yay!

Oh ya – I sold stuff too. So, you know, that worked out swell also.

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    Kanye West says:

    I’m sorry I never walked my crippled ass down there. To be fair, though, that alone would have taken most of the time. I’m a dink for missing it.

    Carol says:

    Look forward to seeing the pictures. Sounds as though it was a really worthwhile day.

    It was a really great day and one of the reasons I love Toronto so much. Sadly though, the pics that I speak of will be of zine covers and illustrations. I did not take one picture all day of anything at the fair. I am a dumb ass.

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