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Make it easier for your supporters to give you money in as many different ways as possible.

There are so many more possibilities to repurpose your art than just prints.

Today’s podcast outlines some of the possible revenue streams available to artists to keep our businesses viable and healthy, even during changes in the market and business models.

There are a lot of beliefs around art and artists that can hinder our ability to succeed and grow in our business. These are the worst.

Annoy everyone, be a skeezy pants marketer – how to make a pop-up opt-in form.

Embed and spread your opt-in forms with MailChimp.

There’s no foolproof way of keeping your images safe online… but there are ways that you can minimize the appeal of taking yours.

Today we talk about the Walnut Art App, iViewArt and Motion Portrait and how it’ll help us display and promote our art and images better.

Photo editing software library for cheap!