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Manifesto MeaningHave you ever thought of writing a manifesto for your biz?

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Public declaration of intent

DeclarationA manifesto is making clear our intentions and then announcing a public declaration of those intentions.

It’s like announcing intention in front of witnesses; ideally people who care about you and what you do who will support and encourage you to maintain your intentions.

It’s similar to traditional wedding vows.

Proclaiming love and fidelity in front of family and friends is not just to celebrate such a union. It can be a powerful shaper of behaviour.

The social stigma at being found out for breaking vows can be enough of a deterrent to keep a partner from straying.

In the same vein – sharing a manifesto can signal to our audience that we are providing the exact right product for them, AND keep us focused on that path.

Getting clear

Understanding what it is about your biz that you love and want to share is a golden by-product of writing a manifesto.

Manifesto Questions:

  • Why do you do this?
  • What do you love?
  • How does it fulfill you and others?
  • How do you identify your audience?
  • How will they know that they’re into you and how will you know them?

Even if you never share this document – it will act as a secret love letter to your business. Listing all the sexy qualities that keep you engaged and vital and experiencing life are exactly the reasons that customers are attracted to your work.

Share this with the public as often as possible, in as many ways as possible.

Lips Paper I love YouAnd revisit often… our relationships with our biz is an organic, shifting, growing thing and will change from one season to the next.

Public or private – write a manifesto for your biz that you can refer to when you get lost or feel unsure of your path.

Write it with heart and joy and freedom – REJOICE! these are your keys to joyful living.

If you’re interested, I’ve written Manifestos for all my businesses:



If you’re having trouble with your Manifesto, considering booking Your Next 6 Months and digging into what makes your work special and how you can broadcast that to your people.
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Your visual branding isn’t about a logo or a set of colour choices – it’s the visual representation of your specific unique style of creation.

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Your job when creating is to create without restriction.
Create from the authentic clarity of your inner voice.
The art world is breaking wide open. And it’s global. Don’t worry about where you fit.
First, you create from your guiding vision.

Create the beauty and truth and joy your have to share.

Bring that into the world without restriction.

A full time successful art career requires 100% commitment.

You cannot dabble.

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Being a creative entrepreneur can be difficult. We de with issues of worth and value and encounter jealousy over the competition. These dark feelings can be our greatest allies in the path to self-discovery and in knowing SELF we can create the best, most amazing version of our business possible.

You came here to be a mirror to others of the truth you feel in your soul. You did. It’s real. Go do it.