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This happens ALL the TIME… No, that’s not true. It happens in CYCLES. I just had a huge influx of sign-ups to my list.     “Hello there beautiful people…”     I made a POINT of having my first mailer to the new folks have a swear in the title. This was ON PURPOSE. […]

Running a successful “soul first” business requires a raising of our little toddler self that wants to “permission” and wants to stay “safe”. Innovation and magic happens on the edges.

Understanding what it is about your biz that you love and want to share is a golden by-product of writing a manifesto.

Your visual branding isn’t about a logo or a set of colour choices – it’s the visual representation of your specific unique style of creation.

And THAT styleis tied directly to the core of the why you’re making art in the first place.

Hello and welcome to Art A&A number 19. I am Lezley Davidson with The Artist as Today I’d like to talk to you about artistic style. It’s a question that a lot of artists concern themselves with, especially in the beginning… A unique style, a personal style, what’s my style? I need to develop […]

Your job when creating is to create without restriction.
Create from the authentic clarity of your inner voice.
The art world is breaking wide open. And it’s global. Don’t worry about where you fit.
First, you create from your guiding vision.

Create the beauty and truth and joy your have to share.

Bring that into the world without restriction.

A full time successful art career requires 100% commitment.

You cannot dabble.

Staying hidden in your studio and posting on social media won’t be enough for most artists. Create your own opportunities because no one is coming to choose you. Choose yourself. Do you.

This year has been a bumpy one for me. It’s my first year full-time at and that didn’t go nearly as smoothly as I would have liked (more about that in the New Year with the Harvest). It has been a sharp learning curve in ways that I hadn’t expected either. Like the trusting […]