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Today I got side-tracked by painting up the front cover of my Art Almanac Planner.

The transfer paper totally didn’t work and I was so bummed out!! I had to free hand it and it’s not as nice as the original design – but it’s okay.

“A place for every thing and every thing in it’s place.” So, imagine my joy to discover that there was such a thing as art inventory databases! Whooo!

I’m on an organizational, planning and tools kick – so I wanted to put together an easy-scan resource that you can use when you need some inspiration and motivation, organization-style.

Even creative entrepreneurs need to check their business numbers. Today is the 2015 Harvest share. I uncover some surprising numbers in social media and realize some stuff that surprises me – but probably shouldn’t have. DERP. Look behind the curtain at the business of a business coach for creative entrepreneurs.

    The Almanac is a labour of love for me. It’s a project where I please myself first; I add & tweak The Almanac to complement how I work and give myself what I need and want to use in a creative business planner. This year is no different and the additions to The […]

In order to make use of all the great stuff out on the internet, we need a way to collect it and organize it so it’s not just a giant chaotic pile of lego blocks.

I got my first credit card when I was 19 and used it to buy books for school. I also used it to buy cute shoes, pizza and on desperate weekends between paycheques – a cash advance for drinks at the bar. Priorities. I got used to carrying a balance on my card and would […]

Basically, when you fall off the rails – pick yourself up and get back on the horse. We can take a bad situation and make it way worse by wallowing in our failures and beating ourselves up over all the things we haven’t done yet. The year of “nothing happened”. That’s a good way to […]

Today we talk about how we are all default leaders and teachers and how awesome Shar is without deadlines.