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This is a bit different than what Maria and I talked about in the first podcast.

Here we go a bit off the rails and talk about Drew’s interest in sacred geometry, physics and ancient civilizations.

This is a HUGE on-going interest in my life so I was thrilled to hear that Drew was deep-diving into the topic. Maria shared as much as she could which then rolled into the decision to get Drew himself on the podcast.

So stayed tuned over the next 2 days (posting in Soul First) to hear more from Drew on sacred geometry, quantum physics and the connectedness of all things.

Check out the in situ photo of Drew’s “Red Metatrons Cube” ———->


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Maria speaks to art makers who want to be more commercial, sell products, connect to licensing deals and make money. Listen in to the podcast and find out why I’m going to be getting this book myself when it comes out in May!

Before you launch or show or exhibit… take some time to sit down with your imagined potential buyers and start a dialogue with them. They’ll give you insight into who wants what you sell and why, and how you can better communicate your value to them.

Today I’m talking to Sherri Colasso, a psychic artist. We talk about Sherri’s transition from regular day job to trusting in her gifts. We learn about how she uses art and sight to help her clients move through difficult times in their lives.

Make it easier for your supporters to give you money in as many different ways as possible.

In order to become more organized and productive in my art biz, I came up with a checklist of steps required after finishing an art piece.

I’m a visual learner and work better when I have visuals to support my activities. This is just as true for debt repayment and savings – so I created these tools to help me keep on track and stay committed to my financial plans.

I just finished up my Harvest review and co-incidentally, Note to Self published a getting organized podcast today which dove-tailed neatly with some planner tips that I wanted to share. According to science, we get stressed out when we have to hold more than 4 things in our brain at one time. That’s why getting […]

Your job when creating is to create without restriction.
Create from the authentic clarity of your inner voice.
The art world is breaking wide open. And it’s global. Don’t worry about where you fit.
First, you create from your guiding vision.

Create the beauty and truth and joy your have to share.

Bring that into the world without restriction.