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Be the Bearded Lady

My booth!

What can you do to make your booth more visible? more visually engaging and look more attractive to buyers?

Cut through the clutter and get more attention at your booth or table at the convention or art show.

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Video Art A&A #24


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I’ve been MIA working on a bunch of new stuff – Tarot Night, Speaking Gigs on Creative Biz, Promoting Your Art with Influencers and opening my biz to include agenting services for artists.

Artists ask me all the time where they can find more opportunities to exhibit. Try Art Opportunities Monthly for an ongoing list of places to exhibit and show and publish.

Booths, fairs, conventions, show openings… it’s when we can interact with our patrons and test out our sales chops. What? Not excited about that? No. Most artists aren’t normally. But that’s okay. I’ve put together 30 Retail Sales Tips to help you connect to your patrons and get your selling juices flowing. Ew. That sounded […]

This is a bit of negative teaching. I’m showing what NOT to do – and you’ll take away what you should do as a result. Make the clicky on the little dots – they’re interactive!!

Must have items for a more successful (and comfortable) summer convention/art show schedule. payment methods display options give aways mailing lists and more! (25 minutes more! holy hell) *******edit******* I just saw this today: Paypal Credit Card Readers for Smartphones!! I don’t think it’s released yet – but it’s coming, and it’s the BEES KNEES […]

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