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Emma SanCartier beast
Emma SanCartier is an illustrator who creates children’s books and cute creatures in sculpture and a whimsical watercolour style.

I’m guessing when I say she graduated from OCADU around 2006/7, but I know she’s been working and showing her illustration since at least 2008 – maybe a little earlier.

What’s important to note about that is the issue of consistency, dedication and patience in growing your biz.

Like most of us, Emma started out creating a lot of different kinds illustrations.

She still works on a variety of children’s illustration, but over time and evolution of her craft has tightened her personal work into a powerful, iconic and instantly recognizable series of beasts called ODD FAUNA.

The Website


©Emma SanCartier website homepage.

©Emma SanCartier website homepage.

Click the image to enlarge for more details.

THe first thing you notice about Emma’s website is that it’s simple, clean, organized and it’s layout features her artwork.

You open up right onto a full page of beautiful images you want to click on and investigate.

The sidebar logo is descriptive of what we’ll find on her website: the hand-drawn font is indicative of an artisan and a maker. The red-riding-hood and wolf illustration image tells us that she is fairy tale & kid friendly – we’re dealing in myth & magic and any beasts encountered will be secured on a leash.

Organization & Categories

Emma has made bold the navigations on the website that she considers most important to her biz.

Unlike some artists who organize their website by medium or by year, Emma has decided to organize her work by series. Choosing to view

©Emma SanCartier - OddFauna category page.

©Emma SanCartier – OddFauna category page.

Odd Fauna will give you both illustration and sculpture results on the same page.

This is interesting to me and fits the larger theme of myth & story that imbibes her brand.

Her illustration creates a whimsical, mythological narrative to her work and the sculptures become the archaeological reality of the myth.

They’re like her paintings “come to life”.

It creates a strong and cohesive brand presence that is replicated through her social media channels and at live shows.



©Emma SanCartier - Storenvy Beast books.

©Emma SanCartier – Storenvy Beast books.

Emma’s shop links to which redirects to a free Storenvy platform.

She’s got a link to sign up for her mailing list on the Storenvy platform… But not on her website (weird). Put that shit EVERYWHERE.

Email sign up links go everywhere.


Any platform not controlled by you can be taken away – your first priority is to your own list & website.

What was most obvious to me on her store is that she has no originals available and a large amount of SOLD OUT sculptures.

Purposeful Scarcity


©Emma SanCartier - Storenvy sold out.

©Emma SanCartier – Storenvy sold out.

Scarcity is a great selling tool.

It creates need and value.

If you have only prints available, it gives you the opportunity to create anticipation through email notifications or social media posts of an upcoming release of original or limited edition pieces.

Keeping the sold out images acts like a red dot at a show.

It’s social proof that other people like what you’re creating – enough to buy everything you’ve offered.

It makes you and your work more valuable and more wanted.

Social Media


©Emma SanCartier - 15k followers on IG.

©Emma SanCartier – 15k followers on IG.

Emma’s website links to Twitter, Instagram and her Facebook Page.

Twitter isn’t doing much. Low followers and little engagement or activity.

This isn’t surprising as Twitter lacks the visual integration of the other social media tools – plus they are also pushing paid business posts, so organic unpaid reach will be compromised for most native users.

What works well for artists is Instagram.

Emma has 15k followers on Instagram and gets 500 average likes on her post. That’s a fantastic number and is likely sufficient for her biz – however, a word to the wise – she should be regularly pushing her email list and asking people for the sign up… Just in case.

Presentation & Call to Action

©Emma SanCartier - attention to presentation.

©Emma SanCartier – attention to presentation.

Emma’s images are well-planned in their presentation.
Lighting, background and theme/vibe are all present in her shared images – they’re not just random iPhone pics taken amongst all the other clutter and junk on your desk.

Clear out some space!

Think of what kind of brand you’re creating in your biz and set the presentation of your art product as your central consideration.

Then, have the courage to outright ask people to come look at and buy your thing.

©Emma SanCartier - FB Page product announcement.

©Emma SanCartier – FB Page product announcement.

Add a price.

Maybe it’s on sale.

Maybe it’ll be up tomorrow at 6 pm.

Maybe they’re only available for 2 days.

Maybe there’s only 4 of them.

Let them know where the link is – make it as easy as possible for people to buy.

Emma regularly posts WIP and often includes her hand holding a tool – either a brush or pen nib or other art tool.

This reaffirms her “handmade / artisan” brand.

Handmade – a hand, holding a tool, right there in the picture. If she doesn’t do it on purpose, then it’s hardwired into her to emphasize how she’s perceived as an artist and creator.


The Upsell / Add On


©Emma SanCartier - FB Page call to action. Up sell & attention to presentation.

©Emma SanCartier – FB Page call to action. Up sell & attention to presentation.

Emma has created a product that works super as an upsell or add on for a collector of her OddFauna beasts sculpture.

You can get a “home” for your sculpture in her wooden “dens”.

What a great idea!!

And so filled with warmth and caring for her sculptures. Who but their soft-hearted creator would consider making them a home to live in…

Which also increases the value for the collector and creates a desire to have for those that have already adopted a beast – but don’t yet have a den to house them.

©Emma SanCartier - Storenvy shop upsell & attention to presentation.

©Emma SanCartier – Storenvy shop upsell & attention to presentation.


Work with me

How can you merch, accessorize or create add ons and up sells with your art and illustration?

Have you considered how your posting to social media impacts and strengthens your brand perception

– or how it weakens it?

Are you working towards having an instantly recognizable artist style and brand that is apparent through all of your marketing materials?

Do you struggle with your marketing and promotional message?

Work with me – I can help.

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