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images-2Today’s Feature Friday is a little different.

I wanted to gather together some artists who have successfully self-published a printed collection of their work.

There are a several different styles, genres and price points represented and give you the opportunity to see what kinds of books can be put together.

What you create is all based on what suits your brand and audience.

Francis Manapul – “Sketchbooks”

Francis Manapul has self-published several collections of “sketches” to sell at a variety of comic cons.

He had the inspired idea to leave his cover blank so that he could sketch an original piece on each of the 500 limited edition, signed volumes.

214px-10.10.10FrancisManapulByLuigiNovi1     sketchbook




Jason has a new book coming out called Visceral: The Art of Jason Edmiston.

It’s 280 pages of works, process, drawings and all manner of behind the scenes awesomeness from this talented artist.

More information can be had at Jason’s Facebook Page.


Jason Edmiston – “Stages”

stages_1-500x631Jason Edmiston self-published a collection that included process images and notes about the work.

This is a great idea for an audience that is interested in following the development of a piece from conception to fruition.

The book was limited to 1000 signed copies and is sold out.


If you’d like to see more process work from Jason, you can take a look at his Feature Friday post from last year.

There’s also an interview.

Jason selling prints and his book at NYCC.

Jason selling prints and his book at NYCC.



Koyamori – Handmade Art Books

Koyamori has self-published 3 handmade collections of her work in the last 2 years.

A small colour page count (32) and hand-assembly kept the cost of printing in colour low.

These volumes were available on Koyamori’s Tictail, but are sold out. (If her store is offline – she’s probably showing at an event or preparing for a live event. Add your email to be notified of her return.)

There are a myriad of different options, styles and price points when self-publishing a collection of your work.

Consider your options and what your audience would most likely put their money on the table to buy. Keep your costs down by doing as much of the assembly as possible.

Create a collection that will be cherished, or use your collection to create an experience for your audience and collectors.

A little piece of your magic that they can take with them.



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