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V, the “Going for it Girl” Part III Today V and I talk about: Patreon POD – print on demand changes to Zazzle Emily McDowell & the resistance to art licensing There’s also a video if you’re more inclined that way – it’s on the YouTube channel. For those interested: Part I – Sherlock / […]

We’ve come to the end of Art Licensing month – and to cap it off nicely, here’s a page of further resources and links to peruse at your leisure. …on your copious amounts of time off, of course… LOL!!! Remember when you used have a chance to read? Just sit on the deck with a […]

So, you’ve been seeing me bleat all month about art licensing and you’re thinking, “Hellz yah! Gimme some of that…” So you click on the Tara Reed Art Licensing Academy Link… and then cry. ‘Cuz it’s $197 bucks and you’re on a budget. Sadly, eating will always be a priority. I get that. I feel […]

Art Licensing Academy with Tara Reed opens March 25! This is your last chance to register and get in on 4 intense weeks of art licensing training and coaching support.

Join our LIVE Art Licensing Expert Interview – with Derek Wicks!! Derek has been a full-time professional artist for over 30 years and has been licensing his art since 1995. On March 17th at 8 pm EST we’ll gather on Skype to listen to Derek cover: How to know when you’re ready for licensing. The […]

Yep… there’s a theme this month. The theme is Art Licensing and your guru is Tara Reed. Interestingly, Tara has a degree in marketing that when paired with her whimsical art talent has resulted in a very successful art licensing career. Started in 2004 in Portland, Oregon – Tara Reed Designs Inc. creates “Art products […]

What IS Art Licensing & WHY should you care? Art licensing (along with merch, limited edition prints and mixed media multiples) tick all my “best practices” boxes for generating art revenue. I’m a BIG supporter of putting in the work ONCE and getting paid for it repeatedly for as long as humanly possible. (ha!) When […]

Have you ever thought about creating an Art Book collection of your work or a particular series? Maybe creating a hand printed collection with handmade paper… or a down and dirty cheap photocopied zine?         Click on the image to see how an art book can grow your audience and sales.   […]

If you’re interested in licensing, package design, fabric or wall-covering designs, why not use this opportunity to test your chops on actual assignments?