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Here we go a bit off the rails and talk about Drew’s interest in sacred geometry, physics and ancient civilizations.

Maria speaks to art makers who want to be more commercial, sell products, connect to licensing deals and make money. Listen in to the podcast and find out why I’m going to be getting this book myself when it comes out in May!

Stop marketing to other artists. Other artists will never value your work as much as non-artists do, as much as collectors do, as much as publishers do.

Cut through the clutter and get more attention at your booth or table at the convention or art show.

Before you launch or show or exhibit… take some time to sit down with your imagined potential buyers and start a dialogue with them. They’ll give you insight into who wants what you sell and why, and how you can better communicate your value to them.

Thanks to a reader email, this month I’m going to take a look at promotion ideas to get more people into your studio or art show. I don’t mention social media too much on this podcast, but it’s implied that whatever avenue you decide is your best course for promoting your physical space – share […]

Artists are already uniquely suited to do well with social media image sharing. Including these small additions to our social media practice can make our images even more powerful in showcasing our gifts to potential collectors.

Make great images and sell more art.

Target market, analytics, segments, demographics… ugh.

Most of use don’t give two figs over that kind of stuff… and you don’t have to do all that “marketing” razzamatazz to get a sense of who is most likely to buy your work and where you can find them.

Annoy everyone, be a skeezy pants marketer – how to make a pop-up opt-in form.