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Temi is a a super inexpensive online software that will transcribe audio for you almost instantly – for about 10 cents a minute.

I know right?!!

Most transcription services are around $1-$2 a minute and are hand-transcribed by real humans. I think that Temi is making use of transcription software released by Google which is what makes it almost instant.


Temi reached out to me to correct my error on the Google software thing:

One *slight* correction for you (since our team of speech scientists care): We have built our own speech recognition engine from scratch that is showing better results than Google, Amazon, Watson and other large competitors in the speech recognition space. Something they are very proud of 🙂

Sorry Temi!

I had been using REV (who also own Temi – which is how I found out about it), when I needed transcriptions and found that the quality was really high, the turn around was reasonable (generally 24 hours or less) and the cost was in line with other services. Anything over $10 really made me think ‘do I need need this’ and it was not sustainable for regular podcast production.

When Temi came out – money no longer became an issue. 10 cents a minute is within reach of pretty much any budget. There are some differences in quality – I found that the Temi transcriptions had more errors (in general 2 errors in Rev is more like 5 or 6 errors in Temi) however, the errors are small, single word scenarios that are easily caught during proofing. (And if this is the software that Google released – it’s learning with every transcription. Well, it’s learning with every transcription that’s corrected – which is also why the online editing tools are available.)

Easy Upload & Useability

The interface is super simple with Temi.

You upload a file or add a url from online storage and away you go!

They also offer online editing tools if your goal isn’t to post in a blog or you don’t have access to word processing tools.

You can also specify on download whether you want the speakers listed or not – mostly not I think.

Some screen shots:

Temi Upload Page


Temi Dashboard


Temi Edit Screen

If you’ve been looking to transcribe your audio to create blog posts or captions on videos – Temi is definitely worth a look!
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