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Use SNAP from Mailchimp to send quick and easy image-based updates to your email list – the perfect format for the creative entrepreneur to connect deeply to their list of fans.

Craft more interesting headlines to supercharge your click through to posts, events and sales pages.

I love me my MailChimp.

Yep, I did it again. Unlike last year, I did not try some Herculean task of attempting semi-originals (except I kinda did) by spot-painting a bunch of Christmas cards. I did hand-draw some Christmas elements onto existing postcards and ended up with a pretty fun pile of Holiday greetings that are winging their way out […]

…hey Buddy, That’s not your list. Your address book is not your list. Your Facebook friends are not your list… seriously.

I write an occasional letter to my list. It’s about whatever random bit of art business thing is on my mind at the time… and that can be a LOT of random things. What I’ve found over the years is that these are by far the most engaging of what I send out into “teh […]

My little blurb about Seth Godin’s “Purple Cow” was published in 800-CEO-READ‘s iPaper, “My Favourite Business Book by You”. I connected to this project through LinkedIn, so it’s definitely worth checking your groups and participating in the discussion. Who says artist’s can’t be market-wise and business saavy (*wink*)… we are multi-talented and omni-focused!    pssst… I’m […]