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I have Young Shaney to thank for introducing me to Oooh, and I Like it, Kagan McLeod‘s music and art blog.

This guy is one of my new favourites – but he’s been big shit around town for way longer than that.

©Kagan McLeod

©Kagan McLeod
©Kagan McLeod
Oooooh… and I like it. And here’s the History of Rap poster in all it’s awesome mcawesomeness:

©Kagan McLeod

You can pick that up at The Beguiling in Toronto.
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Most people think there is a special, elusive ‘talent’ that artist’s have that makes them good at art. This is The Talent Myth and it’s a load of crap.

I stumbled across Michal’s watercolours on deviantArt some time ago. I find my way back to his site every few weeks to bask in the glory of his colour. I love how this guy paints. I love the colour washes, the flow, the lost edges and the light in his work. I love the layers […]

I separate my paints by 3 categories: transparent, staining & granulating. So any pigment I have is falls into a yes or no state for those categories – then I’ve done my best to group them together in their categories by chroma.

Today we’ll take a look at the work and story of several successful licensed artists. What I love is that they all have very unique styles and are quite different from one another. This a great visual example of the breadth and scope of difference there is in opportunity in art licensing. (I haven’t even […]

The last Free Watercolour lesson video – Dry Brush! Learn to create texture for old barns, wood, rocks, grass, dirt and other organic substances perfectly suited to the dry brush technique!

Today’s watercolour lesson covers wet in wet. I love letting the water and paint do it’s thing and merge and blend to replicate skies.

Graded wash is where we finally get into what feels like “painting”.

Instead of flat areas of colour we are creating volume and rendering shape with the addition of water to lighten the paint pigments.

Free Watercolour Lessons. Learn flat wash, graded wash, wet in wet, glazing and dry brush. Join The Studio for access!