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Fail Quickly. Fail Often.

Just make a big god awful mess and get it over with. Go ahead and ruin 3 sheets of paper in a row with horrible slicks of mud and back wash that make cat sick look gallery worthy. Waste a half tube of yellow ochre making baby shit brown in an attempt at a field of flowers. Go ahead. Hurry up and fail.

Now… how do you feel?

Danny Perez Photography / Foter

Did you die? Did you get bitten on the butt by the poisonous fail beetle? Did all your friends and loved ones reject you in an art fail  intervention? Did you get mocked repeatedly by strangers? Did you lose your spouse and your house and your family and your life savings when you wasted the half tube of $6 paint and ruined the 3 pieces of $2 paper?

No. No you did not. None of that happened*.

Sure, you felt stupid for a bit and you thought, “goddamn, that’s an awful piece of crap…”

But that’s okay, ‘cuz you’re new, and we’ve all been there. Failing quickly and failing often will just get you used to the big fat ‘no big deal’ that is screwing up a painting.

The quicker you fail, the quicker you get to the good stuff because you’re learning about what’s not working. This is just as valuable as learning what does work.

Jeffrey K. Edwards / Foter

Plus, you never know when you’ll want to paint a big mess of mud and back wash.

Failing doesn’t mean you suck

*(If anyone does mock you for your attempts, they’re an asshole and should go eat paste. In the backyard. By themselves. Because they’re a douchebag and probably have scalp fungus and no friends – ignore them)

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