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MORE learning!

This time I paint a kitty for an intensity exercise. Like the Raccoon Value Study – this is using the Stephen Quiller 12 colour wheel to create compliments.

I’ll keep updating you will my foundations progress – Let me know your own favourite ‘back to basics’ exercises!

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So begins a small excursion into colour charts and comparisons and pigments and lightfastness and composition and other lovely stuff associated with paints and painting.

We look specifically at Holbein Irodori colours and random Daniel Smith colours – the random being it caught my eye and I wanted to see what it looked like.

Teaching you how to recognize pigment colours regardless of the brand name.

Have you ever tried to find Winsor Blue in Holbein or M. Graham paint? Shit outta luck… unless you know how to read pigments.

Colour doesn’t matter as much as tonal value and contrast. Stick to the end of the article for the bonus life tip… That I wish I remembered 20 years ago.

Black is a notoriously deadening pigment. When used alone it sits on the page like a lump of meh. A super simple way to enliven black is to mix it with another colour. Jewel colours like the Quins and Phthalos are great black partners and make shimmering, living, breathing blacks that add dynamism to even the darkest shadows.

You can even mix a neutral “black” that doesn’t even have black in it!

42 colour watercolour mixing chart separated into transparent, staining and granulation colours. Also includes mixing some Daniel Smith separating and granulating colours with transparent pigments.

Golden VIrtual Paint Mixer: This is totally cool – I just played with it for like 10 minutes and I think when I post this… I’m going to go back.

“What’s the difference between zinc white and titanium white and when should I use them?”

This is from a free booklet that Copic makes available to it’s retailers and customers. This colour wheel is in the middle of the booklet and so helpful in understanding how Copic numbers their markers and how to choose a selection that will blend well together.     Pay attention to all the instructions down […]