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tinkernoonoo / / CC BY-NC

I tested out a bunch of old school nibs to give you an idea of the kinds of strokes they make.

The crow quill is my favourite – though the mapping nib was showing some great dynamic line.

I like a nib with lots of give, so that adding pressure will give you line width variation.


Here are the scanned results:

These were done on a Manga Marker Pad sized especially for pen and ink.

Calligraphy Nibs

Calligraphy Nibs

Flex Nibs.

Flex Nibs.


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I ordered a bunch of my favourite felt tip brush pens and they arrived super quick!

– so I thought I’d share with you my love of the Kuretake disposable brush pen.

I’ve been working on some illustrations for my website, so thought I’d record the inking process. I love time-lapse.

Love Your Way and other things when we talk about artist style and the dreaded “cuteness”.

I started to record testing out pen & ink and brush on different supports – but I stopped because it was probably super boring. I have the results though…

Cold wax can be used for limited encaustic work with oil and as a final seal to other works of art to produce a matte, flat, waxy finish. Very modern.

I haven’t been making much art over the past few months and it’s started to make me cranky. But when I sat down to start painting, I got stuck.

Today we cover a myriad of comic making tools – supports, pens and scanners in particular.


Monkey is cute. Rooster is… perceptive. I like drawing and painting animals, they’re just fun. And adorable.