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We first “met” a couple years ago when she hired me for biz coaching for her fine art business. She loved me and my vibe and thought I was awesome. (Thanks Kim!)

She contacted me a month ago to partner as her retail agent.

Kim wanted to expand into more products and an online retail platform, but she absolutely wasn’t interested in setting up any of that stuff herself. She thought of me as the perfect person to manage and market that part of the business. (Totally true.)

Today I look at Maria Stezhko or CM Watercolor and review her online activity to see if we can glean any useful tips for our art businesses.

Shardula, MALL is an illustrator or from the Phillipines creating whimsical characters and images filled with magical possibility. Today’s Feature Friday Artist.

That’s where I go… that’s what this work touches in me is that mystical, magic, divine place where the peeps are magic.

We’re all divine, mystical soul magic wrapped in a meat sack trying every day to live in vibration with music of the spheres.

Trying to resonate to the sound of our soul…

That’s portraiture to me.

That’s the symbolic act of every portrait since the beginning – we’re all drawing the face of God.

Mary Doodles… doodles and makes awesome art videos and is my choice for this week’s feature friday. Long live whimsy!

Today I squee over Jill Thompson and all her amazeballs cute illustrations. Little Endless and Scary Godmother and good old fashioned girl crush.

I can’t believe I haven’t featured Katie Cook yet. She’s literally one of my favourite illustrators EVER. I love every line and dot and tittle she makes. She could make Hitler so cute that you might want to forgive him…

This is the first in a 4 part Imaginism Studios Feature Friday series. Next up is Kei Acedera. Bobby Chiu people. Character concept on Alice in Wonderland, Disney, Warner Brothers, Dreamworks, Sony…. I can’t believe I haven’t featured him before now. I guess because he’s doing so much and everywhere that I thought you’d all […]

I don’t know if Henry Segerman considers himself an artist. I do. In fact, it’s this kind of thinking that mashes together math, science, tech, art, creativity, imagination and fantasy that is key to all the great innovations in human history. S.T.E.A.M for the win.