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Everyone likes some stained glass – so here’s… dum, dum DAAAH – Pebeo Vitrail! on Mylar. Kicking it like it’s stained glass for realz.

Except it’s not.

Pebeo Prisme Fantasy & Moon paint demo and giveaway!

Art supply haul from Above Ground Art Supplies. Yay!

I taught myself how to use Photoshop – so this is just my way of filling, flatting and creating shade and shadow. It’s all pretty limited – but it gets the job done in a way that I really like.

Hope it’s useful to you too.

What I can do is record my current process for creating this Tarot deck. So here it is…

This is how I take a blue-lined, inked page and get it ready for colouring.

Multiple light layers are better technique for coloured pencils than pushing harder to make them darker. Also, don’t drop them. Ever.

Screen filler and drawing fluid is a way for you to get handmade, calligraphic, natural, organic strokes in the screen printing process.

Sharlena Wood has been a Featured Artist in the past, but today we do something a little different and share her mixed media process with you through this fiery Phoenix piece.

We can’t just be stealing images off the Googles to prettify our blog posts anduse as reference for our art… As much as we’d love to – it’s rife with legalities. Here are some options that promise inspiration without the infringement.